We empower startups and businesses that pursue impactful change.

Qatalyst Ventures is a venture capital firm in the Philippines that merges innovation, social impact, and profitability by supporting a community of pioneers that aspire to positively affect society.

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Our values

These guiding principles articulate what we stand for, what resonates with us, the driving forces behind the firm, and our leaders.

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Pioneering Spirit

Pursuing goals with tenacity, exploring industries & broader applications of their tech.

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Candor Rooted in Care

Radical honesty and transparency from both VC & founders rooted in care for one another.

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Empowered Connections

Empowering teams through a partner relationship & connections that build opportunities beyond.

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Real-World Impact

Opening perspectives to different industries and communities. Grounded in real-world problems and possible solutions.

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Qatalyst Portfolio

As a venture capital firm from the Philippines, we strive to be a catalyst for others to be catalysts of their own and more. We favor startups and businesses with tenacity for innovation and a vision for world-betterment. While we prioritize climate action, social impact, and health solutions, we take pride in our diverse portfolio and welcome startups from any industry. Our doors are also open to leaders based anywhere in the world.


MedGrocer's online pharmacy, clinic management services, and patient support programs enable patients and companies to get their medicines conveniently, cost-effectively, and intelligently.

2017 - present

Visit the website medgrocer webpage on phone atop table with pills, a pen, a glass of water and a clipboard

Urban Greens

Urban Greens' mission is to evolve the sustainable food scene in the Philippines by introducing cleaner, fresher and smarter grown greens – all grown locally and hydroponically.

2020 - present

Visit the website Urban Greens Manila hydroponics

Luzon Solar Power Plant

This solar farm located in Luzon aims to displace over 19,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually while powering approximately 16,000 households per year. The project also intends to provide the community with income in electricity sales and local job opportunities.

2020 - 2023

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Nhi Dong 315

Nhi Dong 315 is a female-founded tech-enabled healthcare services company which operates a network of pediatric clinics – each with an embedded and fully licensed pharmacy. The company aims to transform pediatric healthcare for over 20 million children and their parents in Vietnam.

2021 - present

Visit the website nhi dong

Cabinet Health

Cabinet is a certified B-Corp improving the environmental impact of healthcare and quality of medicine. Their first mission is to eliminate single-use plastic in medicine.

2022 - present

Making getting better, better. CABINET HEALTH


Greyparrot is the leading AI waste analytics platform for the circular economy, on a mission to digitise the $1.6 trillion waste management industry and tackle the growing waste crisis head-on. Operating across the UK and Europe, the team consists of 20 people from 11 countries with expertise in deep learning, waste management and international expansion.

2022 - present

Visit the website Greyparrot AI


Emrgy is a female-founded cleantech company transforming water infrastructure into renewable power projects without the need for construction or dams. Emrgy’s distributed hydro arrays can be deployed as a standalone power generation system within a water conduit or hybridized with energy storage, solar, green hydrogen production, EV charging, and more.

2022 - present

Learn More Emrgy decentralized hydropower

Frankie & Friends

Frankie and Friends is a retail space dedicated to homegrown brands and curators who support the livelihood of crafters and artisans from underprivileged communities.

2016 - present

Visit the website frankie & friends exhibit with white walls, white ceiling, products on display, and indoor plants

Fort & Tailler

Launched in 2019, Fort & Tailler is a classic menswear label specializing in custom tailoring that wishes to disrupt the local clothing industry with superior craftsmanship and luxury materials.

2019 - present

Visit the website Fort and Tailler suits

Purple Pig Productions

Purple Pig Productions is a cost - efficient production house that creates local films with a friendly, flexible, and approachable process fit for the creators in their community.

2017 - present

Visit the website film crew in black shirts shooting a scene on a street while in shade from the sun


A local favorite, Yedang stays true to its name - which means "Korean Culture House" - by serving traditional Korean dishes engaging diners in an authentic, immersive experience.

2020 - present

Visit the website overhead shot of vegetables, beef, and egg yolk in a bowl by yedang

Qatalysts of Leadership

Our venture capital firm is led by professionals with international education, startup expertise, and industry know-how. Together, our team of hands-on experts propel ideas into fruition, improve business operations, and scale-up profitability.

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Let's Talk

Qatalyst is looking to collaborate with impact-focused teams who need extra capital and partners to assist in their success. For revenue-generating startups with viable products or services, send us your pitch deck and let’s discuss how we can evolve your business together.


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